How to Get the Best Comps

Comps (short for complimentary) are rewards that a casino offers to customers in appreciation of their patronage. Comps are really important to any player. Even if you've just lost in a gambling session, if you've accumulated enough points you get to win free food, rooms, discounts, and many more. Using your player's card/comp card everytime you have a session helps you get something in return for your playing time in a casino.

Here are a few things you can do to get the best comps. Keep these in mind next time you play in a casino. The first thing you should do to get the best comp is to choose the right casino.

Different casinos have different services and different set ups. The casino that has the better restaurant, best rooms, nice lounges, and great shows is definitely the number one choice. Since comps come in the form of food, rooms, and other services, you should get them from the best casino in town you can find. Your first step should be checking out which casinos have better offers than the rest and get your comps only from the best.

Whenever you use your comp card always check the odds of your bet to get better credits out of each game you play. One great idea is to make sure your getting credits from the spread and not every individual bet in the game. Another thing you should consider is that betting five dollars at a twenty-five dollar odds is a whole lot better than ten dollars with odds at 20 dollars.

It's a great idea to apply for different programs available in a casino. If you are able to write markers, then your comp standing will increase. By doing so can get free credit and get better comps from your chosen casino. It's nearly like doing free betting. Signing up on the slot club and table club is a great idea. If there is some sort of frequent visitor program, you might want to sign up for that too. All these help you accumulate credits to get the best comps.

The most obvious way to get more credits on your comp card is to play. Keep playing and use your comp cards every time. You'll be amazed with how much you can accumulate over time. One important reminder is that before you ask for your comps remember to ask for your rating and your playing time.

You can get the best comps by following these little reminders. Remember to keep playing, and play while putting your comp cards to use.

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