Wanted: Casino Etiquette

Casino, which came from the Italian word casino, means a little house and is sometimes referred to as casino. But today, it is among those places that have been equated with entertainment, leisure, money, and most of all gambling. One could be a good player, or even the best. Then again, it is nothing if a player doesn't know proper decorum inside the casino.

First, don't ever try to dictate another player how to play the game. Every player inside that casino has learned and planned a specific strategy which they want to stick to as much as possible. Even if that suggestion was meant to be good, it might pass of as an insult or you-know-it-all. Besides, one might get blamed for a game that went wrong if advice was accepted. Even if the player is doing it all wrong, resist the impulse to give an advice. Everyone's got to learn it their way.

Second, follow smoking and non-smoking signs. There is often a designated place for smokers and another one for non-smokers. If none are displayed, ask any staff or employee for the smoking and non-smoking areas. If this may be the case and employees are not around to provide assistance, be sensitive enough to ask whether players around are alright with smoking or not. If allowed to smoke, always remember to use an ashtray.

Third, an upside down coin cup or any object such as sweaters and hats left beside a machine or spot would mean that someone is going to be back in a few minutes to continue the game. Wait patiently for the person to finish the game. On the other hand, if someone else is patiently waiting for a turn on the machine, be kind enough to free up the machine as soon as possible. Try other games or take a short walk to exercise your feet.

Fourth, avoid arguments with other casino on net players as much as possible. There are really players who get inside the casino and sometimes clashes with other players' beliefs and values on playing. Try to understand where they are coming from and if uncontainable, just leave the game or the place. It would never be worth spoiling such an enjoyable time.

Always remember that casinos are for everyone. People from of different sorts and from all walks of life join the game and this eventually makes casinos more exciting. Always remember that casinos are also means for socialization and a healthy coexistence should be borne in mind.

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