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This articles discusses whether or not some of the tips and strategies that people suggest for playing online roulette will really help you win, or if they are just wishful thinking.

Online Roulette Tricks and Strategies; Fact or myth?

If you type Roulette Online in the Google search box, you are bound to find yourself faced with thousands of search results claiming to contain tips and strategies for winning online roulette. Is it really possible to have any control over the outcome of roulette, or is it purely a game of chance? Here we will breakdown some of the most commonly used online roulette strategies, and find out how effective they really are.

Choose a European Wheel- Fact. The European style wheel offers greater odds of winning an online roulette game due to the fact that it only has one zero, as opposed to the American version that has two zeros. Choosing a European wheel increases your chance of winning by nearly three percent.

Find a biased wheel that lands on the same numbers all the time- Myth. Both physical and online roulette wheels operate to very strict standards, and are routinely checked by gambling authorities to ensure complete randomization of the numbers. Any time the same numbers reappear, this is most likely a coincidence.

Bet on red even and black odd- Fact. Since the ratio of red even numbers is greater than red odd numbers, and the ratio of black odd numbers is greater than black even numbers, these are your best choices to bet on while playing online roulette.

Know when to stop- Fact. Online roulette can be fun and addictive, but since the house always has the slightest advantage of odds, you will eventually walk away empty handed . After a big win, it can be hard to hold onto the money instead of sinking it back into roulette. If you still wish to continue playing just for fun, there are millions of online sites that let you play online roulette for free.

In conclusion; Online Roulette is purely a game of chance, but there are still things you can do to increase your winnings, and improve the quality of your online roulette experience. It basically boils down to the bets you make, the online wheel you choose, and your ability to evaluate and maintain your risks. The most important thing to remember is to have fun.

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