Tips for highrollers seeking the best online roulette

Where and how to play high limit roulette online

Having the money necessary for playing high-stakes games in online casinos is the first and most important ingredient to become a highroller. In the absence of solid cash you can't expect to win a lot of money, and regardless of what game you choose the house edge will work against you. Even if you have the cash needed for competing at higher limits, you need to know how and where to play roulette if you want to maximize your chances to stay profitable.

European roulette all the way

Roulette is neither a complicated game nor one that has a crushing house edge, so don't aggravate your condition by choosing the type of roulette that works against you. For starters, if you believe in numbers and facts rather than luck and fantasy, always sit down at the European roulette regardless of what casino you choose. There is no point in having two zeros on the wheel, without receiving any kind of bonus or compensation for the risk you are taking, and this is exactly what the American roulette stands for. Secondly, don't go a step too far in your attempts to minimize the risks and play French roulette, because this is nothing more than a variant of the European one. Its special rules need to be well understood if you are to use them in your advantage, otherwise you just risk outplaying yourself. As a highroller you need to keep things simple and focus on finding a solid wagering strategy, because when you are in possession of a lot of money, a downswing can set you back a lot.

Which casinos are suitable for highrollers

If you were to simply search for the casinos that offer the highest first deposit bonuses, you would be puzzled by the results because everyone seems to be very generous with highrollers. What really matters is not how much an online casino is willing to match of your deposit, but which are the wagering requirements. It makes no difference that an online casino offers you as much as $10,000 if you need to turn over 1 million before withdrawing a single cent. There are many promotions and bonuses that go to great lengths to hide the wagering requirements, so dig deeper before depositing.

Equally important is to choose an online casino that has high limits for outside bets, because these are the ones that most highrollers prefer. InterCasino and Unibet allow players to make $10,000 outside bets which is nothing short of spectacular, while Pinnacle excels at inside bets with the limit being set at $5000 for these wagers. Unless you like the idea of going to a brick and mortar casino and play just because the best have no limits roulettes, these tips can help you make an informed decision. Find more info about Roulette deposit options on

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